Norwin Class of 1965
   WOW!!!  Yes it has been nearly 50 years since we last passed
through the halls of
OLD Norwin Sr. High School.  Over those
years all of  our lives have changed completely. We now have
many things that make our lives easier.  We have also lost many
things that we wish we could have back.  One of those things, the
good old days when things were much simplier.  
   Unfortunately, we can't have them back but we have made an
attempt on this site to bring back some of those old and precious
memories.  As you browse through the pages the old days will
come back even if it is for just a short while.  It was a pleasure to
preserve a few of these memories and to keep them alive.
   Sit back and enjoy some of our past.  Look over the email list
and reacquint yourself with the long lost friends from way back
then.  Even better, make some new friends.  Sadly ponder the IN
MEMORY page. Life is short and we should all live it to the
   Use this site to keep up on the latest news from the Class of
1965.  All the latest news regarding the upcoming 50th Reunion is
just a click away.  You can get all the details as well as download
the reservation form to attend.
   We would also like you to keep us informed of any changes to
your status.  Things like a change of address, a new phone
number or even just a change of an email address would be most
helpful in keeping our records accurate and up to date.
   While you are browsing, please look over the list of classmates
whose information is still unknown.  If you are aware of or know
someone who may be aware of their whereabouts, please contact
one of the reunion committee members.  All information for
contacting a committee member is listed under  "Contact Us".  
Any information you can pass along to us would be greatly
   Enjoy the site and if you have any questions or would like to see
something added, do not hesitate to send them along to us.

                                           Your Reunion Committee